We are an interdisciplinary center that focuses on the intersection of technology and social issues in smart and sustainable societies.

Our work emphasizes IoT-based technologies in Energy, Healthcare, Transportation and Agriculture, as well as sustainability and social issues in those domains.

Featured Research Areas

Building privacy-preserving and security-first IoT systems which secure data collections and help anonymize sensitive data for publication, and developing RFID systems for object tracking.

Enabling novel platforms and machine learning algorithms for mobile and wearable health sensing which capture signals from the environment or the wearer and map them to relevant biological and behavioral measurements.


Developing computational methods for sustainability, decarbonization, and automation of engineered systems and infrastructure, including transportation systems, cloud computing, energy systems, and the built environment.


Sustainability SEMINAR SERIES

The Center for Smart and Sustainable Society, in collaboration with the Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences, will present a seminar series on sustainability in computing during the Fall 2024 semester.  Watch this page for updates!

Latest News & Activities