IoT Data Privacy and Analytics

Building privacy-preserving and security-first IoT systems which secure data collections and help anonymize sensitive data for publication, and developing RFID systems for object tracking.

Mobile Health Sensing

Enabling novel platforms and machine learning algorithms for mobile and wearable health sensing which capture signals from the environment or the wearer and map them to relevant biological and behavioral measurements.

Smart Infrastructure & Energy

Developing computational methods for sustainability, decarbonization, and automation of engineered systems and infrastructure, including transportation systems, cloud computing, energy systems, and the built environment.


Solar Privacy

Anonymous energy data comprising energy usage, solar generation, and local weather is often released in the public domain to aid sustainability research. However, such anonymous

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Data Privacy in Smart Meters

We are developing privacy-preserving smart-meters that are cost-effective and designing billing protocols that rely on Zero-Knowledge Proofs to produce certified meter readings.  We are also

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Mobile Health Sensing Research​

Smart Glasses

The project seeks to develop smart glasses that can perform real-time gaze tracking and eye monitoring for safety and medical applications such as fatigue detection.

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Smart Fabric

In this project, we are designing a smart textile called Tribexor,  that robustly senses joint motions by observing the open circuit voltage of an all-textile triboelectric

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Smart Infrastructure & Energy Research

Solar PV Charging

The project develops a solar electric vehicle charging station for electric vehicles and the design of intelligent charging algorithms that maximize the use of renewables.

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Electric Bike Sharing

The project is building an electric bike sharing testbed to study Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the interaction between EVs and the grid. The project also

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City-Scale Energy Analytics

The project uses machine learning and optimization approaches to analyze energy data at city-scale. Moreover, it involves the development of smart applications that provide energy-efficiency

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Smart Solar Arrays

The project involves designing grid-friendly solar arrays that can autonomously control the rate at which solar power is delivered to the grid.

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